Personal Branding Canvas: Valuable Tool now also available in English for free

The Personal Branding Canvas is a valuable tool I have developed from experience and practice in and for corporate influencer programs. Now it is available for everyone – for free! It helps you to develop your personal communication strategy in an informed way, while also making the process fun and easy. In this article, I will introduce the Canvas and I explain how and why it can benefit you.

Available in English and in German

As I also work with many multinational companies, much of my consulting, workshops and coaching is done in English. That’s why I know that a lot of people won’t be able to use it until they can have it in that language. Here I presented the German version for the first time. 

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In diesem Beitrag stelle ich die englische Fassung des Personal-Branding-Canvas vor. Hier geht es zur deutschen Version. 

For more than a decade, I have been designing and supporting brand ambassador/corporate influencer strategies and programmes for companies of all sizes and industries. I work very closely with the people involved, both workshops and in individual coaching sessions. Almost every such programme includes a Social CEO strategy, which requires special attention and intensive development. For more than twenty years I have been guiding top managers, executives and other prominent figures on their personal communication and digital media journey.

What began with CEO blogs and individual content marketing has largely evolved into an active social media presence. LinkedIn is currently the gold standard, but it’s by no means the only platform worth considering. However, before choosing a platform, there are some much more important considerations that will determine your success …

Why give away this valuable tool for free?

Since I started advising and guiding people, the digital world has evolved significantly. But one thing has remained constant: visibility and impact require a sound strategy. As I have accompanied so many personalities in so many different positions — both in groups and one-on-one — I have developed my own methodology. It has proved its worth in many thousands of hours of consulting and workshops. Time and time again, I have found that I can really facilitate success in this area – and also help to avoid many a distraction.

This is achieved by asking the right questions, backed up by a wealth of experience. Of course, this can only be partially translated into a written tool. But such a tool can be very helpful. That’s why I’ve put the basic steps into the Personal Branding Canvas – complete with instructions. It has already been tested in practice.

Over the years, my own „purpose“ has become more and more focused on sharing my knowledge and making my own tools available to many more people than just those I work with directly. That’s why I’ve decided to publish the Personal Branding Canvas, including instructions, and make it available for free.

It has already been tested in the field. But I am curious to hear about your experiences with it!

While self-development certainly can’t replace individual counselling and guidance, I see how motivated and independent my coachees continue to work with my methods, tools and structures outside of counselling sessions. That is why I believe the Personal Branding Canvas will help you and take you a long way on your journey.

Why the tool is called the „Personal Branding Canvas“

„Personal brand,“ „personal branding“: These terms are controversial terms. Some people prefer not to use them at all.

In my work, I prefer to use the term „personal communication strategy,“ because that’s what it’s all about: developing your own approach with clear goals for your own communication, especially (but not only!) in digital media. People are not brands; they are not „branded“. They communicate with other people — alive and evolving.

Nevertheless, after some consideration, I chose the name „Personal Branding Canvas.“ This title is shorter and simpler, and it more closely matches what people type into search engines.

What the Personal Branding Canvas can do for you

The Personal Branding Canvas can guide you through your entire personal communication journey from now on. The result will change over time, as will the way you use it. Each time you work with the Canvas, you are taking a snapshot.

It gets really exciting when you take it out regularly. Think of each step as an iterative process. You will probably go back and forth several times before you are satisfied. The development process itself is just as valuable as the end result, as it is likely to clarify many things for you.

Tool page: Instructions, download, and other valuable content

In order to use the Personal Branding Canvas with my methodology, I have created a separate, detailed page for the tool. Here you will also find the graphic and a high-resolution PDF for printing.

I also describe the workshop-tested methodology in detailed instructions. It offers various approaches and leaves room for your own preferences in the development process.

Here is the link to the detailed page in English.

Here is the link to the detailed page in German.

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